Workplace Mental Health in Numbers


Of employees had experienced work-related stress


Of employees reported emotional exhaustion


Of employees reported physical fatigue

500 billion dollars

Of lost productivity annually

Why MoodRx?

The MoodRx Targeted Benefit Platform (TBP) is a revolutionary approach to employee mental health support, addressing the limitations of traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). By utilizing data-driven targeting, MoodRx assesses the mental health status of employees and provides increased support to individuals with higher needs while offering preventative care to others. This approach increases utilization and effectiveness. Additionally, MoodRx provides employee education and a launch toolkit to ensure individuals are well-informed about available mental health benefits. Privacy is respected, with employee-specific information remaining confidential and only aggregate reports being provided to employers for program effectiveness monitoring. The TBP also contributes to a healthier workforce by recognizing the connection between mental and physical health. The solution is user-friendly, allowing employees to self-assess and request consultations, while employers have access to anonymized analytics for benefits adjustment. For companies with existing therapy providers, MoodRx offers an "analytics-only" option to enhance current mental health benefits.

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MoodRx Benefits and Features

  • Data-Driven Targeting: MoodRx leverages advanced data analytics to assess the baseline mental health status of employees, enabling employers to allocate increased levels of support to high-need individuals while providing standard preventative care to others. This approach significantly bolsters utilization and efficacy.
  • Increased Utilization: Designed to combat the common issue of low utilization seen in traditional EAPs, the TBP strategically directs support where it is most needed, thus encouraging more employees to seek assistance when necessary.
  • Employee Education: MoodRx supplies recommendations and a launch toolkit to ensure that employees are well-informed about the mental health benefits at their disposal. Informed employees are more likely to proactively engage in improving their overall well-being.
  • Respect for Privacy: Employee-specific information remains strictly confidential and is never disclosed to managers or employers. Employers only receive aggregate, anonymized reports for program effectiveness monitoring, assuring individual privacy protection.
  • Healthier Workforce: The TBP transcends the scope of addressing mental health alone; it contributes to an overall healthier workforce. Recognizing the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, it aids employers in reducing the overall cost of healthcare.
  • User-Friendly Approach: MoodRx's solution is easily implementable for both employees and employers. Employees can begin with clinical self-assessments and request consultations with MoodRx clinicians, while employers gain access to user-friendly anonymized analytics for benefits adjustment during the fiscal year.

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Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222