College Mental Health in Numbers


Of students reported symptoms of depression


Said they experienced anxiety


Said they were considering suicide

4 in 10

College students considered withdrawing

Resources for Students

Feeling overwhelmed by academic stress, social pressure, or the upcoming transition after graduation? You're not alone. Many college students face similar challenges. offers discreet and individualized resources to support your mental well-being during this crucial period. Our platform provides free, online self-assessments to assess your mental health and connect you with licensed therapists within our network through a free 15-minute consultation. The best part? You can access these resources from the comfort and privacy of your own dorm, apartment, home, or coffee shop! Request your free consultation and begin your mental health journey today!

  • Assessment - Sign up for free at and take the online self-assessments.
  • Awareness - Request a free 15-minute consultation to be referred to a licensed therapist.
  • Action - Start sessions with your therapist and begin your mental health journey!

Mental Health With Heart

Care with Empathy and Compassion

  • Real Conversations
  • Real Connections
  • Real Comfort

Free Tools for Counseling Centers

College counseling centers face numerous challenges such as inadequate funding, low mental health awareness among students, stigma towards counseling, and the complex social and political climate affecting students. Recognizing these issues, MoodRx has created a platform to initiate the mental health journey for students by offering a free, HIPAA-compliant service for digital self-assessments in private. This platform aims to improve mental health awareness and encourage seeking help by increasing awareness through assessments. Additionally, to alleviate limited staff resources at colleges, MoodRx connects students with a network of state licensed therapists and has partnerships with treatment centers for high acuity issues, at no cost to colleges. For colleges struggling with manual case management or expensive software subscriptions, MoodRx also offers a free comprehensive online practice management platform to efficiently handle staff workload, scheduling, notes, and communications, all designed to support counseling centers and enhance student mental health support without imposing financial strain. As a MoodRx partner you will find that we are committed to your success by offering resources that can alleviate your staffing, budget, and engagement challenges. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Free case management tool
  • Free self-assessments for your institution
  • Access to MoodRx Therapy Network (MTN) licensed therapists
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant platform
  • View de-identified current trend of mental health data for your students and/or employees

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222