On Most Platforms in an Average Month, a Therapist Spends

EHR = $50

MoodRx = $0.50/appt

Supervision = $30

MoodRx = $0

Directory = $30

MoodRx = $0

Telehealth = $15

MoodRx = $0

Why MoodRx?

MoodRx is a single platform solution designed to address the challenges faced by mental health therapists in the U.S. It aims to remove barriers and reduce costs for therapists while providing them with essential tools and resources. Therapists are charged just $0.50 per appointment on the platform, regardless of the number of clients or appointments. MoodRx offers various features at no cost, including directory listings, group listings, a supervision management platform, telehealth platform access, AI tools, secure document storage, and a patient portal. This platform can save therapists an estimated 50-80% of their monthly costs compared to other platforms. MoodRx aims to increase accessibility to mental health support while giving therapists the freedom to establish their own caseload without high costs. It is available for independent practitioners or group practices, and there are no additional charges for non-clinical administrators. MoodRx believes in leveraging technology to support therapists rather than replace them, and provides a state-of-the-art platform for licensed mental health providers.

Join today and receive your first 90 days free! No credit card required.

Getting Started

Step 1:

Sign up as a licensed mental health provider

Step 2:

Wait for your license to be verified by MoodRx for EMHR access

Step 3:

Begin adding patients and staff and create a free directory listing!

Start Now!

MoodRx Features & Pricing

  • Free directory listing for U.S.-based licensed mental health providers
  • Mental health group listings
  • Electronic Mental Health Records
  • Accessible through any browser on phones, tablets, and PCs
  • Online intake, hospitalization and prescription history
  • Enter/upload session notes, homework, assignments and worksheets
  • Patient Billing - Stripe enabled for credit card billing
  • Secure Messaging with patients/clients and staff members in your practice
  • Free Supervision module - ability to manage pre-licensed clinicians & interns
  • Telehealth platform - use doxy.me from within the MoodRx platform or use your existing platform
  • Only $0.50 per appointment. No minimum required. Try our platform free for the first 90 days!

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Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222