Why Everyone in Kansas is Switching to MoodRx.com for Mental Health Therapy
MoodRx Clinical Staff - Apr 25, 2024

Why Everyone in Kansas is Switching to MoodRx.com for Mental Health Therapy

Why Everyone in Kansas is Switching to MoodRx.com for Mental Health Therapy

Launched in January 2024 to the public, MoodRx.com is quickly becoming the number one choice for patients and therapists for online mental health therapy.  Available in 23 states and growing, MoodRx.com only hired Masters or Doctoral level state licensed therapists who are thoroughly vetted by the clinical team at MoodRx.com.  So, what makes MoodRx the new favorite for so many people?


Human Touch


MoodRx.com prides itself as the only major national service that offers therapist matching without using online algorithms and instead has their clinical team with licensed therapists offer a free 15-minute consultation to every new patient.  Once the patient has met the clinical team, based on their conversation, the patient’s initial intake form, and online assessments, the clinical team assigns the patient to the best suited licensed therapist.  Kruti Quazi, LPC, the founder and CEO of MoodRx.com who is also a practicing therapist herself, states “It is the hallmark of good therapy that we do not remove the therapist from the matching process.  More and more platforms are using technology to match people and the rate of wrong matches is alarming as patients are struggling to find the right therapists and end up wasting a lot of precious time saying the same things to many different therapists.  We have designed MoodRx.com to always have a human involved in the care journey of every patient.”


No Monthly Subscriptions


MoodRx has simplified the self-pay model by not charging patients a monthly subscription.  “We find that subscriptions are not an appropriate way to charge for healthcare, as patients needs may change and we want to be flexible with them, healthcare is not a streaming service, so we need to treat patient healthcare with respect it deserves” says Ms. Quazi.  Patients pay a flat rate of $120 for each 1-hour session they attend with their therapist.  There are no hidden or recurring charges as we see with other large online therapy providers.  MoodRx.com does not offer in-network insurance as the reimbursement rates are challenging and many times patients get lured into thinking they won’t pay too much but then get stuck with huge bills later in their journey.  MoodRx.com does, however, offer out-of-network submission of invoices by the patients to see if they can get reimbursed for the fees they paid. 


1-Hour Sessions


Many large online therapy sites offer 30–45-minute sessions and while they may seem cheaper, they end up costing more as all MoodRx.com sessions are 1-hour in length.  “Our focus is on patient care and to ensure that the patient and therapist establish the best therapeutic alliance and doing sessions under 1 hour does not meet this requirement.  You cannot rush a patient when they are about to have a breakthrough with their therapist, as it hurts the long-term therapeutic process” says Ms. Quazi. 


Free Online Self-Assessments


MoodRx.com platform also offers free online self-assessments for folks to monitor their mental health vitals which they can share with their own therapist or a therapist at MoodRx.com.  MoodRx requires that each patient take self-assessments so that they can baseline their mental health status and then do follow-up assessments to measure progress.  It allows a therapist and the MoodRx.com clinical team to see if a patient is getting better or if there needs to be a review of their treatment plan.  This also allows a patient and their therapist to see how their mental health trends over a period of time.  MoodRx.com clinicians also see if a patient needs a higher level of care, then they can be referred to treatment centers across the U.S. that partner with MoodRx.com.


The Therapist


While most companies talk about the patient, we also need to talk about therapists.  All therapists at MoodRx.com are state licensed in one or more states and hold a master’s or doctoral degree.  In addition, MoodRx.com does not require therapists to carry a minimum patient load.  MoodRx.com also does not penalize therapists if they have a low patient load.  A therapist with 1 patient is compensated at the same hourly rate as those who may have a full load.  “We want our therapists to have the best work-life balance, and each person decides on how much they want to work based on their circumstances.  Therapist burnout is a major concern, and many companies unfairly compensate therapists with significantly lower rates when they are seeing fewer patients.  Therapists are professionals who have invested a significant time in their profession, and they will not be treated unfairly at MoodRx.com” says Ms. Quazi.  MoodRx also offers active engagement by the corporate clinical team with each therapist to ensure they get the support they need with their patients or with any technical or other support.


Colleges and Universities


This is a truly unique offer that only MoodRx.com offers.  MoodRx.com offers free self-assessments and free therapist matching to every college student in the U.S.  As Ms. Quazi states, “while 1 in 5 Americans is experiencing mental health issues at any time, 3 in 5 college students are experiencing mental health issues.  There is a mental health pandemic across American colleges and these students need help.  We are doing our small part to make them aware through our assessments and we recommend they take action by either utilizing their schools counseling resources, work with their own therapist if they have one, or by contacting MoodRx.com.”




As the MoodRx.com mission statement reads: "MoodRx embodies heart-driven mental health care, fostering empathy and compassion to empower and heal.  Your journey, our commitment."  It makes sense that they are quickly becoming the number one choice for patients and therapists for online mental health therapy!